Beş Project A starting point for this project was contemporary experimental and film music, combined with traditional Azerbaijani music (Mugam). The most characteristic element of those compositions is the sound of Tar – classical Azerbaijani instrument, in connection with electric guitar, rhythm section, along with electro beats and sounds of nature.
In their project musicians try to express sense of space and time as well as the fascination with changes in nature. Project also refers to symbolical aspects of the number “Five” (Beş in Azerbaijani). Beş is the first project of Gamid Ibadullayev and Wojtek Kwapisiński duet.

Gamid Ibadullayev – drums, keyboard, effects
Wojtek Kwapisiński – tar, guitar
Produced by Gamid Ibadullayev, Wojtek Kwapisiński
Mastering: Andrzej Izdebski
Photography & design Marta Przybyło-Ibadullajev
© Gamid Group, 2010

1.Intizar (Expectation) 9:42
2. Afsana (Myth) 6:08
3.Yuxu (Dream) 10:40
4. Xayal (Mirage) 7:10
5. Agilma (Opening) 12:30
Total Time : 46:10

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